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Auto polishing

Auto cleaning sponge   Cellular cleaning sponge   Thick cellular cleaning sponge   Rectangle cleaning sponge   8-shape cleaning sponge   EVA+PU cleaning sponge   Coral cleaning sponge   Natural pulp sponge   Combinative sponge   Malamine Sponge  
Professional things   PVA Chamois   Synthetic chamois polishing foam   Abrasive cushion   Hubcap washing tools   Abrasive rubber  
Polishing salver   Velcro EVA polishing salver   SBR polishing salver   Velcro EVA bevel edge polishing salver   ABS polishing salver  
Polishing sponge   Wave polishing sponge   Plane polishing sponge   Polishing sponge with mid-hole   Concave polishing sponge   Glazing sponge   Drum-shape polishing sponge   Bowl-shape polishing sponge   Chamfer polishing sponge  
Buffing sponge   Shined sponge with nut-salver   Shined sponge with flannelette   Concave drum-shape shined sponge   Drum-shape shined sponge with salver  
Waxing sponge   Round waxing sponge   Waxing sponge with press-side   S-shape waxing sponge   Quadrate waxing sponge  
Wool polishing   Wool polishing dish   Wool polishing dish with 2-sides   ANZAC wool polishing dish   Rabbit waxing dish   Noose wool polishing dish   Hubcap washing wool ball  
Others   Velcro PU polishing salver   Abnormity Velcro PU polishing salver   Polishing sponge by synthetic chamois cover   Polishing sponge with towel cover   Informal waxing sponge  
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Polishing sponge with tine-side

8" concave polishing sponge

9" polishing sponge with plastic back

6" plane polishing sponge

6" wave polishing sponge

8" wave polishing sponge

3" wave polishing sponge

8" plane polishing sponge

3" plane polishing sponge

5" plane glazing sponge

3" drum-shape polishing sponge

3" bowl-shape polishing sponge

Shined sponge with flannelette

6" concave drum-shape shined sponge

6" drum-shape shined sponge with salver

Round waxing sponge

Round waxing sponge with press-side

Polishing sponge by synthetic chamois cover

polishing sponge with towel cover

Wool polishing dish with flannelette


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